Oncology Physiotherapy

Oncology Physiotherapy

Cancer is a group of diseases that encompass the growth of cells in the body abnormally and this has the capability of spreading to or invading another part of the body.

How does physiotherapy in oncology work?

There are ways that physiotherapists experienced in oncology can help people with cancer.  They will work with the person to help them to be as active as possible and address the common side effect of tiredness by making the exercise programme gradual.  There is some evidence that exercise can help lessen the risk of the cancer coming back.  By regaining strength it can help the person return to activities of daily life and work, hobbies and sport.

There is clinical evidence that physiotherapy and exercise can improve quality of life for people with cancer and can be useful at any stage. Lymphoedema massage and compression advice and exercise to help combat fatigue are particularly useful.

Pain can be a factor and physiotherapists have a number of skills in treatment and advice that can help to reduce the pain.

There are physiotherapists and massage therapists on our team that are also trained in lymphoedema massage who can help reduce any oedema that some patients experience with cancer.

What exercises in oncology physiotherapy are available?

Different exercises are introduced depending on the patient. The aim will be to maintain mobility and strength as much as possible but precautions need to be taken into account when having chemotherapy and exercising, which the physiotherapist will be able to explain.