Post Surgery

Post Surgery Therapy

Post surgery recovery can be a very traumatic event, both psychologically and physically. It can place the body under tremendous stress and can leave muscles weakened. That’s why it is often necessary to undergo some post surgery physiotherapy.

The aim of post surgery therapy is to help the muscles recover their strength and range of movement, which are often restricted during and after the surgery itself. This will bring the body back to the level movement and capability that it had before the operation.

Post surgery rehabilitation takes many forms, and can be used for both minor surgery and major operations.

The role of the post surgery therapist

Our post surgery therapists aim to arm you with the tools to rehabilitate after surgery. This will include a number of methods, utilising the extensive knowledge base of the therapist to help you regain full movement, reduce swelling and restore tissue mobility.

It could involve re-learning how to walk or use a limb, or simply to recover full movement, strength and fitness. The ultimate goal is to restore pre surgery levels of movement and comfort.

The types of post surgery therapy 

Post Surgery Services

Therapists will make an assessment of your needs and develop a recovery regime to match your requirements. This could include a diverse range of treatments to form a comprehensive post surgery physiotherapy programme, including some or all of the following: 

  • post surgery massage
  • post surgery exercise
  • post surgery recovery tips 

Recovery after surgery can be a challenge but the support is out there to help you make a full recovery. To find out more about the post surgery physiotherapy services we off at Physio Comes To You, or for an assessment about your specific needs, then get in touch with us.

Your Therapists

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Maria graduated in 2007 and has been specializing in Neurophysiotherapy since then. She has started a MSc Biomechanics course and has a strong interest in gait and posture of the Elderly.  Her work includes rehabilitation after injury or surgery,... Read More »