Amputations can be present at birth or happen as a result of a trauma or medical condition.  Amputation can be at any level but the most common places include:

  • single toe
  • part of foot
  • below the knee (BKA)
  • through the knee (TKA)
  • above the knee (AKA)
  • through the hip

We have physiotherapists on our team that are experienced in treating people with amputations.  They are used to the different prostheses available and working with them to suit you best.  Making the treatment goal focused helps you to regain a functional life as possible and even get back involved in hobbies and sports you loved before or even ones you have never tried before.

What is amputation physiotherapy?

After amputation physiotherapy involves teaching exercises that stimulate blood flow in the patients leg and also specific exercises to strengthen the muscles connected to the stump and of the rest of the body. Connective tissue massage can be helpful and the physiotherapist has the knowledge to advise you on how to care for your stump. They will teach you how to walk again and how to use mobility aids.

How does amputee rehabilitation work?

Physiotherapy rehabilitation is useful after amputation or even before a planned amputation to help regain your mobility and regain your strength.

Your Therapists

Maria graduated in 2007 and has been specializing in Neurophysiotherapy since then. She has started a MSc Biomechanics course and has a strong interest in gait and posture of the Elderly.  Her work includes rehabilitation after injury or surgery,... Read More »