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You can do it guys!

With just three days to go until their challenge, we’d like to wish the My House 2 Your House 2013 team the very best of luck for their amazing challenge. The boys are raising money for Parkinson’s UK and have already reached their target of £53,000 which is truly inspiring. There is still time to donate though so visit their website and donate now.

The Challenge

To get from Rog’s house (a boat under Albert Bridge) in Battersea, London to Olly’s house in Amsterdam. That’s 537km, in five days, by manpower alone, and preferably in one piece. By bike. On foot. Oh yes, and a relay swim across the English Channel. Not forgetting the nine months of rigorous and all consuming training to turn a team of ten thirty-somethings (coming in varying degrees of physical refinement) into mean, lean, power machines…

This is about a group of ordinary guys making an extraordinary journey, having one hell of a good time on the way, and raising a load of cash for a great cause while they’re at it. The challenge begins on 30 June 2013.